Going Out Together

Ok, perhaps not quite all together – BeAnne was absent as she can’t keep up anymore.

But Loki came along and ran alongside our horses while we went out for a lovely ride in the Shetland summer sunshine.


Daisy rode Iacs, Flossie = Klængur.  I rode Haakon.


This is my idea of heaven – all of us riding.


Loki was very happy to come with us.


Everyone is in control of their own horses, allegedly.


There is a good canter track and all the horses vere off and go as fast as they want to the top.


The view at the top is stupendous.


Then down the hill, along the road and into the scattald (open hill).


We can only do this when the ground is dry enough.


The hill is special and the horses enjoy walking/trotting/tölting/cantering to the top.


Folk cut their peats.


Another view with Foula on the horizon and the peat banks.


Unfortunately, all the horses had a hissy fit at the Land Rover and trailer. Since they have lived with a Land Rover for most of their lives, apparently today was different and they refused to go past.  We had to dismount, lead the horses past one at a time, and then remount.


Loki, of course, was perfectly behaved. Sheep are completely Out of Bounds and this is accepted without question or argument.


We rode down the hill, rejoined the road where we met some tourons trying to kill us (the usual – not appearing to see three horses and hi-viz as, obviously, we were invisible).  If you are reading this blog and you were driving a white car on the way to Dale with two children in the back (one with headphones/gameboy combo), I hope you are ashamed.  You could’ve very nearly caused a nasty accident.  Next time I will photograph, name and shame.  I am bored of crap ignorant drivers.


Having have our nerves severely frayed, we rode home in a relaxed fashion.

IMG_2776 IMG_2780

My best view, ever.


I love these rides (apart from the near-death experiences) and I treasure them too. It only took nearly 15 years to achieve my dreams coming true.


7 thoughts on “Going Out Together

  1. Karen

    It’s going to be have been about 50 years before i will finally be able to realise my childhood dream. Enjoy yours

  2. Cate

    Agreed re drivers. We don’t see them here but when we lived in Scotland, whenever we came upon a rider and OH was driving I would make him brake to a crawl or even a stop if the horse or rider looked uncomfortable—although sometimes that’s worse, I know, they are such dear sensitive things. Anyway, this is not rocket science. It is simple manners. You never know what’s going to spook a horse– eg, a LandRover looking at them the wrong way. 😉

  3. Marty St. Clair

    Long time reader. Never posted until today.

    When I lived in Oregon and rode my horse daily, I as aware of a state law that said if a horse rider was having trouble controlling their horse, all they had to do was raise their right arm and people driving cars were to give the horse and rider wide berth. As a horse rider, if I was having trouble controlling my horse, I was certain I wouldn’t have a spare arm to raise to alert people in cars!

    Who writes these laws?

  4. Sam

    Do shame the idiot driver! I did it to a dunderhead who left her dog in the car thinking 3″ of open windows was fine. In Connecticut, it was 85F with high humidity. Driver got testy but I have the plate of the car.
    As for how long it takes to get your ideal day with your girls, as long as it takes! And then enough every second of it!

  5. TJ

    Wow what fantastic views and gorgeous ponies too. Quite jealous!
    You can’t seem to get away from ignorant drivers, no matter how many Hi-Vis items you wear they still don’t seem to see you (or don’t care). Drivers don’t realise the potential damage that they could do, not only to horse and rider but to their car and themselves (or children in the back)!

  6. Colleen McNamara

    I am a bit late in responding. Once again I love your eye for photos. How about offering “my Best view ever” as a print? Those of us that know that being on a horse and gazing out over /through their ears is indeed the BEST VIEW.
    Thanks for considering.


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