Going Out for a Ride

The rain had stopped so we thought we would all go out on our Icelandic horses for a plod.

We haven’t all been out for a while and I always enjoy it.

During the storms over Christmas, on our access track there appeared a rusty metal thing that managed to half fling itself over my neighbour’s fence.

The first time we met it, Haakon had a huge hissy fit but today he seemed to have got over himself.

There was lots of lovely troll potential.

Taktur, of course,  didn’t break stride while Klængur thought “this is new” and kept walking.

Haakon was in one of his speedy want-to-go-out moods.  You can see his ears are very pointy and happy.

Obviously, we saw many hill sheep.

And, yes, we looked at each and everyone – just in case.

At one stage I found myself asking them if they knew P Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

They didn’t.

We went the usual route.

Up to the canter track – sorry it’s blurry but I was trying to take a photo and canter at the same time!)

Quick appreciation of the view at the top.

More sheep to ask.  ‘Bert was not amongst them.  He was far away up Stourbrough Hill (the hill at the back of my house) – my OH spotted him.

I love riding with my daughters.  It gives us all a chance to have a really good chat.


Everyone is always too far apart to talk to!

When we got home, we found Kappi introducing himself to Newt’s box of silage!  He hasn’t been introduced to Newt properly so we are not sure what he was thinking.

Probably how minute!

2 thoughts on “Going Out for a Ride

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Newt’s silage box looks big enough for him to climb in and curl up! I’d love to do that ride with you – think they are very brave to go past the fence decoration so calmly!


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