Going for a Walk

Flossie and I went on our usual dog walk today.  This time Lambie and Bert followed because they think they are dogs.


As Lambie was very eager to come too, I let them both follow.  It seemed mean to say no.


Lambert was a bit slower and dawdled at the back, humming a little song to himself.


But, when I whistled, he came running after us to catch up.


The neighbours were aghast at the sight two sheep going for a walk.  I think this was a first for them.


After the track, we went on the road, which is flat and safe for my back, and you could see cars slow down or stop to take a second look.

(I am sure they were arguing about whether they had seen either a dalmatian dog or a spotty sheep going for a walk with some dogs and people).


Flossie, of course, took it all in her stride.  As my daughter, she is used to my ridiculous ideas and mostly happily goes along with them.


We reached the cattlegrid and turned round – we would be going onto another crofter’s land.


Loki enjoyed his walk, ignoring his associates (I will not call them his friends), put up a few rabbits and happily mooched through the ditches along the side of the road.

L1170929 L1170931

And so wended our way home.  We walked nearly 2 miles.  The wind was blowing hard and against us all the way home so we struggled at times. Despite this, everyone battled valiantly on regardless.


If you are worried about the thought of dogs or sheep for that matter, on the road, everyone knows what to do and either goes to the side or runs to stand by me.


6 thoughts on “Going for a Walk

  1. Linda

    That was my first thought: “I wonder what the neighbors are thinking?” What a wonderful group to walk with, and you’ve raised your daughter well. We should ALL take ridiculous ideas in stride.

  2. Sam

    How nice to see such well trained LambDogs on a walk! Flossie – you are not alone with having a mother with unconventional ideas. You will find these ideas will make for marvelous stories in the future.


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