Getting to know you….

Lambie is still nervous of the ponies. He is better with the bigger horses as they are not remotely interested in him.  But he suspects that The Minions have evil thoughts!

BN2A3725 BN2A3726

As he is not the brightest star in our firmament, Lambie tends to run off the minute they look at him.


Lambert doesn’t care and is far more laid back about everyone.  I suppose he goes with the theory that by looking like a brown woolly maggot, no one will be interested.


After a small discussion together, ….


Lambie and Lambert decided to be The Masters of Disguise!


Storm can set everyone off (running) by fiddling about in the school, and creating trouble.


He creeps up on the sheep pretending he just happens to be in the area.


Having lulled them into a false sense of security, Silver will then swoop in from nowhere which is too much for Lambie and he rushes over to us for safety.


Flossie was offering Lambie therapy after his last Shetland pony “shock”.  As Joyce Grenfell said “It’s alright, Dolores, you weren’t hurt, just surprised”.

I am tempted to call Lambie “Dolores” from now on!


Storm does not give up his investigations easily.


He snuck up realising he would have to take things more gently if he wanted to get to know these woolly maggots!  BeAnne was prepared to give him a telling off if he over-stepped the mark.  Tis her job.


So Storm was on his best behaviour.

BN2A3877 BN2A3883

He even let Flossie lean against him while he pretended we are just one happy family!


We are all working very hard on our special skills!

(By the way, don’t you think Storm is looking absolutely fabulous and well?  A proper shaped pony this year.  I am very pleased.)


9 thoughts on “Getting to know you….

  1. Linda

    Storm IS looking beautiful, and until now I didn’t realize Lambie’s legs were spotted just like his face. (Can you tell I’m not familiar with sheep?)

  2. Sam

    Sheryl is right about the Christmas card. And yes, Storm does look like a proper pony now. But since he and Lambie have the same coloring, perhaps he thinks they are cousins?

  3. Heather

    They all look wonderful! So nice to see your ponies are the lovely “traditional” Shetland ponies that I remember riding when I was a kid here in the states. Hearty little fluffy round ponies with nice bone and those adorable personalities to go with them!

  4. Kim

    Love the story. My favorite photo is the one with Flossie smiling at the camera while surrounded. She’s grown into a beautiful young lady.


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