Four Fatties

I haven’t been anywhere for ages because I was scared my back would go “pop” and I would go “ow” so I have deliberately stayed at home boring you with tales of Taktur, his amazing ability to eat food as well the Bebbies’ every movement, interesting or otherwise.

This afternoon, BeAnne and I went to Sandness to see:-

  • Indy (Shetland stallion of wide proportions)
  • Hammie (Welsh Section A stallion-companion who, err, wintered well, shall we say)
  • Andy  and Charlie, (half brothers – Shetland pony geldings, who are so fat you could set four for dinner with full regimental silver)


The boys were on good form and vaguely enthusiastic to see me.  They had been at the fence and we had words.  I love my fences. They do not deserve Shetland/Welsh pony bottoms.


My next plan is to attach it to the mains to stop the leaning and destroying. Fencing is not cheap and they all need to learn a lesson (that’s Indy’s stern look which I am adopting to make my point!)


Today it was Andy’s turn to look a bit strange – mostly it is Charlie who adopts the “mad face”.


The rest were busy hassling each other.


Indy was busy freshening up and I will give him a good brush before he goes out with his girls from another Stud so he will look extra handsome.


Meanwhile, Hammie kept him entertained by being annoying.  It is what he does best and why he stays at Thordale.


Indy gave as good as he got which makes Hammie very happy.   He loves a good reaction.  They are The Odd Couple (equine version).


On the way home, feeling very depressed about my fence or lack of it, the Gods smiled and rewarded me with a Mountain Hare.  I love them and mostly I see their bottoms as they hop away into the distance as fast as possible.

BN2A5668 BN2A5731


(It nearly killed BeAnne to stay silent in the car while I took photos – but she did, bless her.  Extra gravy bones all round).

1 thought on “Four Fatties

  1. roberta

    Shetland bums are small, we are blessed with 3 Clydesdale bums, its the end posts that go then and the gates. The others, 2 Shetlands and a Welsh A usually run under the fences when they find the right place, and the tree guards get buts.


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