For Sale – Icelandic Horses and Shetland Ponies

Today, everyone went Walk About.

I hate Icelandic horses and Shetland ponies.  I really hate them.

All except Vitamin….


And Delia.  This pair are fine and they are not going.


Also Waffle and Storm, who took up residence in the New Goat Shed, refusing to come out until all the fracas was over.  These two are angels and paragons of virtue.


Also Brá -that goes without saying. She is not easily led into mischief and keeps herself to herself.  There are many who could follow her example.


But I hate everyone else.  They are vile, for sale and should all have Houdini as their prefix.

So let me introduce you to Houdini Hjalti, Houdini Esja and Houdini Haakon who let themselves out and took themselves off into the hill.  While Flossie and I were trying to keep them away from Taktur (stallion) who was desperate to get to them, the remainder took advantage of the situation and buggered off too (even Tiddles – I know – Tiddles.  How could he?)


I managed to catch Taktur (after her had plunged and bounded around his field a few times in over-excitement) and led him to the stable, turned on the radio very loud, threw him some hay and shut the door.


I then jumped into the car and met the herd coming towards me with Flossie and my neighbour looking as though they were in control of the whole situation.

I chased the horses/ponies home in the car, beeping loudly so they would just run home without having any independent thought, ie go into the hill (yes, that has happened before).


So this is it.  I am giving up horses and ponies. I hate them all.

Any riding will now involve sheep. I think it is the way forward.


8 thoughts on “For Sale – Icelandic Horses and Shetland Ponies

  1. doris

    an experience everyone keeping Shetties and Icelandics gets once in a while…the bad feelings will soon pass and you will get more of that sort….;-)

  2. Linda K

    I’m surprised Haakon and Iacs went along with this caper, they should know better. I think you should make an example of Tiddles, he’s let the side down and he has to pack his suitcase and go!

    Only kidding. I’m sure he’s very remorseful.

  3. Sam

    Sounds like the mud has caused everyone to act like kittens. And we all know one can not herd kittens – ask any school teacher! Sorry but this post had me chuckling.

  4. Linda

    I know a bit about how you feel: Our dog (only one, so I multiply your feelings by about 6) jumps over the fence and runs away every so often. Feelings run the gamut of betrayal (what did we do wrong?), anger (the neighbor called and can we come and get our dog), and finally, eventually forgiveness, because darn it, she looks so happy and excited about what she accomplished. Aargh!


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