Foggy Day

It was one of those days when my OH shouted up the stairs, when I asked what the weather was like ,”I wouldn’t bother getting up, if I were you”.  So I got up.

There was 100% humidity and it was dreich.


The boys were all lurking round the back of the house, hoping carrots would fall from the sky instead.


Once everyone was fed and sorted, I went out and about with BeAnne.  These days she has to come with me everywhere as she was found wandering down the road looking for me not to long ago.  She is also very sulky about the car so we are working on this Speshul Skill.

Here she is with klingons – just be grateful you can’t smell her from here.  She is like Pigpen – filth just follows her.

(I still love her, though)


The light (or lack of it) and the fog made everything look very different.

The grey heron (Ardea cinerea) is known as a hegri in Shetland dialect.  Hegri is also used as a nickname for a tall, thin type of person.

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This raven (Corvus corax) was sitting with another on fence posts as I drove past.  I immediately put the passenger window down, turned off the noisy heater, radio and then reversed nonchalently back to them.


Of course, they immediately flew off but I happily snapped away.  Birds in flight are beautiful.


I love ravens and hanker for a tame one.  They are called corbies in Shetland dialect.


This “hoodie” (Corvus cornix) with a lamb bone was very proud of his prize.  The crows drop the bones on the road so the cars will drive over them and break them up further.  Clever, eh?


Craa is their Shetland dialect name.


Everything looked different or rather solitary in this weird light.  No sun, just fog and wet.


Still, it was warm and that makes a huge difference.  Cold and wet is nasty. I expect that will arrive soon.


4 thoughts on “Foggy Day

  1. Vicki

    I love the corbie in flight and the solitary pony. Your photos create an ache in me–it’s a good thing. Gawd, and I say this in public.


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