Flock Integration

Maggie has been shouting and everyone has “talked” to Harry through the fence so we opened the gate…..

I check them all regularly.  Firstly, the main flock took themselves down to the bottom field leaving Maggie and Harry by themselves but when I came back later, they had come back up again and things were looking hopeful.

Maggie has three meals (at least) a day.  She insists and is in a routine, which we go along with – mainly to shut her up!

This is her where-is-my-2nd-breakfast face!

Lambie was happy to leave the paddock and I don’t like arguments when food is involved.  Edna has also cottoned onto the first, second and third meal sitting.

When I put the bowl down, then it is usually my chance to talk to Harry but he is now trying to eat everything too.


Trying….. there’s lots of spitting out!

Lambie is of course very cool.

Later on today and Maggie was still keeping her distance from the others – the best mum – but she would come and talk to me if I am carrying Animal Crackers (Stauffer’s) about my person.

Once my supply had been exhausted, I was history.

Later this afternoon, me and my Animal Crackers went to call Maggie up again.  ‘Bert and Lambie followed me too.

Maggie didn’t seem to mind the boys.

It is just taking time.  The way I see it is that we have all summer to tame Harry down, there are acres of fields and if Edna and Madge are horrible, well Maggie and Harry are lither than the fatties!

I am hoping they just get on with it and get to know each other in a calm, kind way.

2 thoughts on “Flock Integration

  1. Sam

    Oh, I recognize the “where’s my 2nd breakfast”look from Little Miss Maine Coon…How will you wean her off the many meals? I assume you will wait for Harry to be weaned, he is a very cute lad.

  2. Rebeccca A Final

    Harry is PERFECT. And I agree with Maggie – I adore Stauffers Animal Cookies. I eat them whenever I need a snack. She’s very smart.


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