Feets and Photos

The midges were plagueing everyone today so I lit a fire in an old grate to create lots and lots smoke.

Midges hate smoke and it was good the horses could escape the insect torment by standing in.  It does work.

The others stood “nicely” (after a while) and waited their turn.

Hjalti was a good boy.  Daisy has been training him and he stood quietly for Bjørn.

He really is the nicest of horses.  Not a mean bone or a bad thought, ever.  He has done lots of growing and filling out too this summer.

After the feet were done (the others were good too), out we went with Hjalti (4 years old).  I wanted to stand the boys up for the Thordale Stud website.

And then Dreki (2 years old).

On the sidelines, Taktur and Efstur, who had been returned to the field, ran up and down like they were being parted forever.

Taktur “motorbiked” up and down the fence like a prize berk but we all commented that he did move nicely!

He is looking a bit gorgeous at the moment.

Having finished, we then returned them all the field and they greeted each other like long lost friends.

Still, lots done today.  It was nice to work with the youngsters again.

Silly gallopy boys.

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