Fatty Fat Fat Dilemma

Ok, I have a dilemma, well nine horse or pony ones really.

Storm and Taktur need to eat.  They want to be with their friends, but I want to them to put on weight.  Storm lost too much last winter and Taktur will be in work.


As you can see, I let Taktur and Storm into the big grass field today to see if they would eat any better as they usually just stand by the gate wanting to join their friends.  It seems to be working and they are off eating.


Meanwhile, in the biggest field (20 acres?), the fatties are looking on enviously at Storm and Taktur.


With the best will in the world, I just cannot bring myself to put the heffalumps into a field with long thick green grass.


It would be wrong.  They have enough where they are anyway.


The Minions are not small either.


Waffle was called obese by his breeder but I am keenly watching El Niño in the Pacific Ocean and the knock-on effect in the UK may be immense this winter – BBC News .  As you already know, I am obsessed with the weather.


Tiddles is not small either.


Silver may show me his most handsome face but I will not be swayed.  I would be doing none of them any favours


(Note-to-self, I must add some more string to that gate to keep it SHUT!)


9 thoughts on “Fatty Fat Fat Dilemma

  1. Rebecca Final

    It looks like Silver is contemplating how to get through all that string. I’m sure he is starving. You have quite a challenge on your hands. I’m not a big fan of rugs (blankets here) in general – I’m of the “let horses/ponies be horses/ponies which is not so hard to do here in Northern California. But they do have their use. And you are certainly in a very challenging weather area. It seems like you JUST got spring Frances. What happened to your summer? Anyway, the ponies do look well fed and that may leave you with no other option but to put rugs on Taktur and Storm to help them use their feed well. Best of luck sorting that out.

    PS – it’s easy to see why the Shetland shetlands have extraordinary coats in the winter.

    1. Frances Post author

      You have hit the nail on the head, Rebecca.

      And suddenly it is winter. FFS we never got autumn!

      Rugs on – Storm and Taktur at night. Shoot me now – I hate rugs!

  2. Linda

    Stay Strong, Frances! (It’s for their own good, find a low calorie treat if you start to feel too guilty – carrots?)

  3. Kelly S

    I guess you don’t believe in grazing muzzles?
    I lease a mare who is the easiest keeper EVER; she’d fit right in with your fatties. She goes out on grass for most of the sunshiney day with her herd, sporting her grazing muzzle. She has great feet and a healthy shiny coat. We don’t want her to founder! But we do want her to be with her friends, though her priority is eating ALL THE THINGS! Her Native American name would be Nose to Grass.

    1. Frances Post author

      No, I don’t do muzzles mainly because in a huge field with four wicked Shetlands there would be no muzzles 10 minutes later.

      Also, the grass they are on is very herby – not pure grass or very good quality. Half the field is heath and heather and the rest is field grass, not re-sewed. I would be surprised if they got laminitis (founder) but obviously will keep a keen eye out for signs.

  4. roberta earley

    another question…are they starting to get their winter coat or do the Shetland Shetlands retain a longer summer coat thann we see in Australia.

    1. Frances Post author

      That is their winter coats coming in. Their short summer coats are falling out and the bottom layer of winter coat is arriving.


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