Farrier Yesterday

I am just trying to catch up with myself today.

Yesterday was busy. I am not used to anything actually happening these days which is how I like my life.

Our Farrier, Stephen, visited and worked his usual magic.

Of course, BeAnne was on a Mission.

…. To die crushed under hoof is her dream but definitely not mine.  It terrifies me how she wanders aimlessly through legs oblivious of the danger.

I couldn’t bear it anymore so she was sent to her bed and there she stayed ….  sulking.

Taktur was hot-shod and next it was Klængur’s turn. He has suffered a nasty “brushing” injury, possibly when he decided to do flying pace the other day.  Indeed he flew and it was incredible – such speed – but the result was a very nasty gash on the inside of his coronet band.  It is clean and please-God uninfected.  Stephen removed Klængur’s shoes and that’s him until Stephen’s next visit. Time to heal.

The others waited patiently in the stable, happily stuffing their faces and talking to their friends.

Then it was Kappi’s turn for a full set of shoes.  Daisy also brought Efstur in to watch.

Good old Kappi – the perfect teacher.

Lastly Efstur who had his old shoes removed and a new set put on.  Hot shod again.  He was perfect.  With Daisy at the helm, shovelling a little carrot in when required, Efstur took it all his stride.  No pulling back, no snorting, no nothing.  Just got on with it like an old pro.

Everyone who needed Stephen saw him and while the list seemed endless, it was necessary.  I hope we didn’t disgrace ourselves and I pray Klængur ‘s hoof heals.  These things happen.   We will keep a close eye on the wound.

4 thoughts on “Farrier Yesterday

  1. Sam

    It isnot that BeAnne has a death wish but that she KNOWS yu are looking out for her as she potters about.
    Nice to see all the gents in the barn. Fingers crossed on the gash healing quickly.

  2. Lisa

    I didn’t realize that there was a name , i.e. “brushing injury” for these type of wounds. My Tennessee Walking Horses will sometimes catch the back of a front heel with a hind hoof when they are moving at speed, playing, etc. They have such a big over-reach/over stride with their hind legs they catch themselves and leave a small injury. Would the flying pace also have a big over-reach from the hind?

    1. Frances Post author

      I think it is an over-reach injury if it is caused by back legs hitting front.

      This gash is on the inside of his front, and flying pace is a lateral gait. So his front hooves “brushed” each other.


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