Equine Restaurant

Every morning I go out with three buckets for the old men.  As we run an Equine Restaurant, they obviously all have different choices and requirements.

From Left to Right…..

Klængur = TurmerAid to keeps his brain calm and on a level otherwise he will spook at a rock looking at him in a funny way. And a handful of chaff
Haakon = TurmerAid because he’s an arthriticky old man,  Formula 4 Feet (to makes his hooves strong), a wee handful of conditioning cubes (because ❤️), and a handful of chaff
Iacs = TurmerAid because he had near-death colic last year and it’s good for yer guts, and a handful of chaff.

Klængur always finishes first, plays with his bucket and throws it around a bit (I have no idea why he does this but he always has ever since he arrived)

Sometimes he even presents the bucket to me as gift but hangs on to it like he doesn’t actually want me to have it really.  Small children do this when they meet the Queen with bouquets of flowers that they have been holding onto for hours, and are now quite taken with them!

Iacs stands up the hill to eat.   Everyone has their spot.

He only lifts his head when he has finished his bucket.

And to see if the hay is on its way. I tell you, we are just an equine catering service here.

Same with Haakon.  There is no budging.

There is nothing better than a TurmerAid ‘tache and a happy smile!



2 thoughts on “Equine Restaurant

  1. Sam

    It seems you run several catering lines: Distinguished Gents, Greedy Minions, Round Sheeps, Massive Monsters and Beloved BeAnne – all before the humans eat.

  2. Joe Boyd

    I take great delight in reading your posts each day. Today’s entertaining offering harks me back to my childhood, when “doing chores” was a daily expectation. Feeding the chickens and gathering the eggs, milking the cow and straining the milk, “slopping” the hogs, splitting firewood and filling the woodbox, filling the kerosene lamps and cleaning the lamp chimneys, and myriad other tasks. And feeling the satisfaction of jobs well done.


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