Encore de Rug

I have, as usual, been worrying about Stardust.  Under all that fluff, he is very thin and scrawny with a backbone sticking out and nasty little jagged hipbones too.  Ugh.

Having jumped wholeheartedly onto the rugging bandwagon with Storm. I perused Fleabay and found a very nice little 2′ 9″ outdoor rug for little Stardust.

It fits him a treat and I hope he will embrace his new rug wearing status rather than try and lose it like the goat coat (still not found).

L1130548 L1130546

Words have been had with the others about not laughing and pointing and, as usual, Storm was hovering about like a mosquito on a summer’s day trying to irritate.


He’s probably jealous that there is someone more needy than him.


I am very impressed with the fit of this rug.  I think I might buy another one so in his wardrobe Stardust will have a spare.


Suddenly I find you can’t have too many rugs because you just never know!


OMG, what am I turning into?  I am not this kind of person.  I tell myself, this is purely for health reasons, not any other.  He is not clipped or bathed endlessly or being kept clean for my convenience, Stardust is thin and he needs an extra layer to get through our rough unforgiving Shetland winter.


Phew!  I feel slightly better now.


11 thoughts on “Encore de Rug

  1. bigears

    fits him really well, he looks sweet in it – at the moment, only my Buddy is rugged as he is clipped out, the comtois trio are naked, only get a rainsheet on if it’s going to be miserable.

  2. Linda

    That’s such a nice rugt! Maybe this one will be more comfortable for him and he’ll be less likely to “lose” it.

  3. roberta earley

    If it helps we rug our pair in the winter and we are in Australia, and have them onto day cause its yucky and we are in summer…………………

  4. Sam

    Rescued because of poor health requires lots and lots of care. Inside and out. You are making a difference in Stardust and Minions lives. Nothing wrong with rugging those who would die without one. And they look SO CUTE!!!!!


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