Duvet Day

The rugs for the two bigger Minions, Waffle and Silver, arrived yesterday.  They tried them on and then refused to take them off!


They look like soldiers or regimental mascots in their smart, clean (ish) uniform.


(though Silver quickly rolled to personalise his rug).


There is a cold wind outside and these hardy Shetland ponies refused point-blank to go outside.  They all wanted a “duvet day”.


Fair enough, I thought. They had been outside all night and it wasn’t particularly pleasant so I distributed piles of silage and left them to it.

(I did pop my head around the door this afternoon to see them all asleep – awww!)


The two “hardy” Shetland sheep decided to spend their day in their second-best shed.  I caught them eating the hen food!

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 16.18.05


L1200577 L1200578

And as for The Great Outdoors?  Well you can keep it.  OH moved a quantity of mud off the track to the field which, although is better to walk through, depresses me every time I see it.


The Icelandic horses have taken up permanent residence on Silage Bale Island.  They refuse to move even though there is hill grazing not very far away that they could easily reach.  They don’t have to stand on the bale 24/7.  No, honestly, they don’t.


5 thoughts on “Duvet Day

  1. Deb Twomey

    The blankets fit well. What are they? It seems that your minions are shaped like my trolls and the blankets look great!

    1. Frances Post author


      Navy Waterproof Turnout Shetland Rug Pony Foal Mini Horse Rug 200g Fill 1200d

      Brand: Avon Pet Products Ltd.

      I can get you some if you can’t and send them over, if that is any use. I like the very much but the leg straps need to be made a lot longer. They do not fit at all so I have not bothered with them.

      But all in all, they are a good fit. I am thoroughly tempted to buy Storm and Tiddles one each but funds are very short and it should be spring soon.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I think your ponies look super smart! But the mud – will it ever dry up? It must be so wearing, plodging through that, for you and the ponies.

  3. Linda K

    How smart those rugs look. Lambie always appears to be secretly smiling to himself, I know I’m handsome! and that’s a very enquiring look from Ster.
    The horses are guarding what’s left of the silage bale from passing marauders, or guarding their own little patch from the others.
    That is a serious mud problem!

  4. Sam

    Love the matching snazzy red trim on the Duvet Brothers. And who wouldn’t want a Duvet Day???
    As for the Bosenberries – they like a tidy house and just want to help. While No man May Be An Island, a horse is a different kettle of fish.


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