Dreki Dragon

I caught up with Dreki Dragon today.

I haven’t really spoken to him in a while.

I tend to let the young boys be boys as much as possible so they can learn from the herd and not boring old me.

The upside is that everyone is always pleased to see people. Dreki is no exception. He is a sociable beast.

However, I do notice that he is bit more reserved than his half-sister, Lilja or perhaps not as pushy.  Lilja has no competition in her field, though, while Dreki has to compete with the other youngsters, Hjalti and Efstur, all the time for anything.

Anywho, Dreki is 2 years old now and I was going to say going through his giraffe phase.

But then I see him from a different angle and he looks much more mature.  I suppose we all take a bad photograph occasionally!

Dreki is actually very similar to his Dad, Taktur in some ways, who is looking magnificent at the moment, thank you very much.

Handsome and he knows it!  Phwoar.

I like Dreki very much and if he promises never to trot, he might be a keeper.

Meanwhile Haakon is enjoying his summer holidays.  I am doing nothing with him, just letting him rest and get strong again.

He likes a chat and I led him out of the field to try some hoof boots on.  I wish all horses were as easy as Haakon.

I keep dreaming Haakon might be ridden again.

4 thoughts on “Dreki Dragon

  1. Sam

    Giraffe stage or not, Dreki is a handsome boy. Taktur is studly and Haakon is working on healing enough for a ride.


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