Disappointed with Myself

I am very disappointed with myself.  I do know better and this morning, I was caught out.

As per usual, we went to feed Tor (Mum), Camus (her colt foal) and Brisk (the orphan foal).  The weather was clearing up after last night’s rain.  While there is shelter and grass in the field, Brisk was shivering.  It was horrid to see.  I should’ve thought ahead and realised that he doesn’t enough back-up energy to keep him warm.  Camus and Tor were absolutely fine.

So we brought them all in and separated Brisk.  He had a large bowl of Mulitmilk to himself as well as Foal Creep mixed with Mare and Youngstock hardfeed.


He wolfed it down and I realise now that certain others who, although they are good company, have taken advantage of the extra food and bully Brisk off his ration.  He gets whatever he can, if they let him.  This has to stop.  Tor and Camus do not need extra feed.  From now on, Brisk will be fed separately and I have moved them all into the field with the little shed for proper shelter.


Once, Brisk had finished eating, I put the only rug on that would “fit” him (I use that term loosely).  We put a foil space blanket on him under Toggle’s old rug.


In a ten minutes, Brisk was like toast and much happier.  The shaking and dithering had stopped.


I have also made a decision.  Brisk will stay at Thordale and become a Minion.  If someone offers him the perfect home, then I might consider letting him go but, for the time being and probably future, he is one of us.


The World’s Fattest Me measured him for a proper rug and I will peruse the internet for a tiny waterproof and a padded rug.


BeAnne is fully committed to helping.

L1220357 L1220362

So, that’s it.  Brisk will stay here now.  At the moment, he has special needs and requires constant supervision.  I could kick myself for letting him get cold in the rain.  Rookie mistake.


Meanwhile, Lambie came in this morning with blood all over his head.  He has lost his nubbin of a horn.  I cleaned him up and he is now sporting the turquoise spray again.


**** sigh **** Lambie – always speshul!


28 thoughts on “Disappointed with Myself

  1. Karen

    Now when was there ever any doubt that he would become a Minion? Now if we had already moved up I would be petitioning both you and my hubby to let me have him.

  2. jan

    I knew you would keep him as a minion..who could resist him? Well done Frances he is a very lucky little chap.

      1. Carol Wood

        I’m sorry. I wasn’t inferring that Brisk had sweet itch. I was trying to recommend a company that I had bought a rug from that I was very pleased with as it fitted well. I have found it a problem in the past to find a good fitting rug for a small pony. I checked their web page and noted they went to as small as a 2’9″, so I thought it might be useful for you to know about them.

        I am truly sorry for the confusion.

  3. Colleen McNamara

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. He is a very lucky pony.
    What has happened to the foal whose mother died of a broken pelvis? Sorry I don’t remember the name.
    Your decision for Brisk to become an minion warmed the cockles of my heart. We are grieving this week having to put down our 34 year old quarter horse mare < who was beginning to colic. I just couldn't see putting her through all the invasive colic workup and have things go from bad to worse.
    So thank you for some happy news .

      1. Colleen McNamara

        Sorry, I lost track of all your minions 😉 Love the blog keep up the good work.
        Tell Lambie I am sorry for his boo boo. We had a sheep years back who had the same thing happen, but he did not get to look so dashing with a turquoise blue spray bandage.
        Lambie is indeed speshul.
        All the best to you, and yours furred and sometimes feathered.

    1. Frances Post author

      So sorry for your loss. 34 is a good age, though. Your mare was loved – so many animals cannot say that.

      1. Colleen McNamara

        Thank you for your good words. We are trying to get life “back to Normal” but it is still hard to see that empty corral and pasture. Mother nature will probably when the time is right find another “critter” who needs to be here with us .
        All the Best,

  4. Vicki

    Yeay! I was hoping it would go that way too but didn’t dare to say it. Now he can get properly fat for autumn.

  5. Terri

    Happy news that you’re keeping Brisk! He looks so wee and fragile next to humans. I was hoping he would become a Minion, but I realize that keeping horses and ponies is an expensive commitment. Sorry about Lambie (again). Every creature under your watchful eye is Speshul in his/her own way!

  6. Diana Mitchell

    Hard to believe you ever intended to rehome Brisk !….Fantastic news for him and best decision..of course.

  7. Sam

    Why beat yourself up? You tried the more natural way to raise Brisk but the others did not agree. So now you try another method – Minion time. Have you thought about letting Delia help raise him? And Lambie does look dashing in turquoise!

    1. Frances Post author

      Sadly, Delia is not a huge fan of the minions. She tolerates them. Brisk needs love. Lots of hugs and love. Delia is not that type.

  8. Louise

    I don’t believe that Carol Wood was hinting that Brisk has sweet itch, just saying that her pony has a Ruggles Rug for his sweet itch. I have also heard that their rugs are excellent.

    1. Frances Post author

      I realised this, when I re-read her comment. Things were a bit fraught at the time! Ruggles are brilliant. Storm’s favourite dressing gown is a Ruggles. He gets very cross if you try to take it off.

  9. Judith Garbutt

    I’m another one who’s pleased you’ve decided to keep Brisk. I’d be happy to help by paying for his rug and perhaps his own little headcollar? Please e-mail me if you’d like to take me up on this offer.

  10. Linda

    Aw, nobody’s perfect. I think he’d love being a Minion (especially after the snubbing from Tor and Camus…)


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