Dentist Today!

Stuart Huggan, the equine dentist, is in Shetland for the next few days.

He was booked to come to Thordale and I had a list of horses and ponies I wanted him to treat or give an opinion on, dental-wise.

Esja’s new owner also wanted her to be seen.  Esja has never seen the dentist but she was calm and behaved perfectly.


Obviously, she had support from little Hjalti who was wondering around loose as Hetja had been brought in and was next in the queue.


I thought it was important Hjalti watched (up close) as one day it will be his turn and he will know what is required and that no one ever says no thank you, Mr Dentist.


We could see Hetja was nervous.  To our knowledge, she has never seen a dentist.  She was pregnant last year.

BN2A0603 BN2A0607

I need not have worried, Hetja was also perfectly behaved.  Once she realised that she could do this, she settled down and let Stuart get on with his work.

BN2A0617 BN2A0618

(and little Hjalti watched, absolutely fascinated – perhaps he wants to be a dentist when he grows up!)


Once these girls were done, they went out into the field and next up was Vitamin and Delia.


Vitamin knows the drill.  She just stood there.


Delia was different.  First I asked Stuart and Clare, the owner of Shetland Equestrian Centre and Stuart’s driver, their opinion on Delia’s gait and stiffness.  It is always good to hear what others think and I value their opinion.  They both agreed that yes, Delia is a little stiff, but she was doing ok and there was certainly life in her eyes.  I am glad to hear this. I worry.


The girls were finished and went outside.

Then Kappi and Taktur came in.  All was fine.


Stuart said he liked coming to Thordale as the horses were so good.

(Proud Mum Alert **** sniff ****)

I tried hard not to think “but you didn’t meet the Minions this time!”

4 thoughts on “Dentist Today!

  1. Sharrie Brockhaus

    It is always a proud feeling when someone compliments you on the behavior of your animals, be they dogs, cats, or Shetland sheep. It looks like yours behaved much better than I did when I was a youngster at the dentist.

  2. Linda K

    Of course they’re all well behaved, that’s the way they’ve been brung up. I imagine not all of his clients are so accommodating. I like how Hjalti’s right in there to see what’s going on; he’s not shy.

  3. Sam

    So glad the “kids” did you proud! And that others see Delia as the Grand Dame she is. But one must wonder if the Dentist would still have this positive opinion if The Minions and Bozenberries were around.


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