Dear Fivla

A friend asked if she could bring her mother over to see the Minions.

Not trusting the Minions as a herd, especially with Lilja and Sóley close by, I decided to bring Fivla out of the field for the meet and greet.

I handed out a couple of brushes and put everyone to work!

Fivla was utterly perfect. I knew she would be.  She always is.  A good, quiet and trustworthy lady.  She didn’t put a hoof wrong.

Behind the fence – and, oh, I was very glad there was a fence and they were behind it – there was some horrible behaviour going on.

I had to tell them to stop.


Obviously attention seeking.

Meanwhile, Fivla remained her usual perfect self.   I think the visit was a success.  It was nice to see people again.

You can tell Fivla knows she is the bestest, goodest little Shetland pony ever.  (She has her smug face on – the others do not.)


7 thoughts on “Dear Fivla

  1. Kerry

    A huge thank you from us both. You can tell from Mum’s big smile just how much she enjoyed meeting both the lady and all the court of rapscallions behind the fence.
    You’re a true pal

  2. Celeste

    Ah, minion therapy is the best. So great that you can share your animal love with other people, I’m sure it was a big highlight in their day. And here’s to good fences!

  3. Linda

    I don’t know where it went, but Fivla had to have had a unicorn horn at some point. She’s straight out of a fairytale – and those white eyelashes!

  4. Linda Kirk

    Spreading the Minnion love, what could be better?
    Lija and Soley look bemused, as it to say “what’s so special about you?”
    Are the Minnions planning a breakout?

  5. diane in northern wis

    Such a sweet post today….thank you for sharing it and the great pictures. Love that last picture too and seeing those tall ladies amidst the little ones!!!


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