Darling Girl

When BeAnne died, I never thought my heart could belong to another dog.  I really didn’t.  As far as I was concerned, it was broken and I was inconsolable.

But Pepper came into our lives and basically took them over.  She is a Patterdale terrier so her character traits are predominantly manipulative and ever willful.  A hardcore terrier, is the way this breed is described.   Not for the faint-hearted.  She took over the house and that was that.

Pepper has a tremendous sense of humour too, especially with her teefs – in my mind, she is still a puppy and she mostly makes me smile.

A little sweetie, though, when it suits.

And she always knows when I am talking about her.

Wherever I go, Pepper has to come too, no matter what.

Here she is waiting patiently while Edna has her second breakfast in the feed shed.

And a piccie of Ted so you don’t think he has been forgotten.  Ever the greasy Muppet but a happy one.

And I really need your HELP!

I have been nominated to become a Brand Ambassador for Rowen Barbery –

– we use their feed a lot so this would help hugely with costs.

Please can you go to Instagram and vote for me and my animals.

Many thanks and I really appreciate it.

If you don’t do Instagram, then there is a Faceboon version too.

10 thoughts on “Darling Girl

  1. Rebecca A Final

    I went to the Instagram link to vote for Frances but could not find a “like” button on the site. I tried a few different things, but I don’t believe any of it worked. So sorry, I wanted to support, but I’m not very familiar with Instagram at all so i don’t think I was any help.

    1. Vicki

      Rebecca, if using the Instagram app on a mobile device, use the magnifying glass on the bottom to search on ‘rowenbarbary’. Their account is a dark blue circle with their name. Once on their account, you should see all the finalists, including Frances. Click on that, and click the heart to “like” it. I left a comment for good measure.

  2. Dot

    I should have loved to support you, but not registered for Instagram so hopefully other people are and can put in a “like”. You were up to 74 when I looked.

  3. Judith

    I voted via Facebook, I think. I clicked on the link, clicked on Like and put in a comment about why I was voting for you, Frances. I hope that was the correct procedure.


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