Daisy’s Changed

Daisy has changed.  She is all growed up and her riding is amazing.

She came home for two weeks for Christmas and Kappi and Iacs (her riding horses) saw a different type of riding – that of someone who is paid to train young Icelandic horses and to ride anything that she is presented with.  Daisy works at Kise Islandshestgård, an Icelandic horse training and breeding farm in Norway.  Dammit, she is even learning Norwegian!

Gulp, poor Iacs – he is now in therapy for shock and actually having to do some work (no photos – it would be cruel).

But, lots of photos of Daisy riding Kappi.  Remember, she was given this horse by her trainer, Bjørn Roar Larsen, after the British Championships in West Tarf, Edinburgh, in 2015.


Kappi fra Frøberg is an 11 year old gelding by Jarl frá Miðkrika and out of Hetja frá Hofsstöðum.  He has a BLUP of 107 and is 4 (ish) gaited!


Daisy, and she did say this herself, has missed him dreadfully but is happy he is here, at Thordale, bringing the herd up to eat as he hears the rattle of a feed bucket from about 5 miles away.


Food is very important to Kappi (as you might be able to see).


But, for an Icelandic horse that has not been ridden regularly since June, he still tries his best for Daisy and is her safe reliable friend.


He also looks beautiful when Daisy rides him.

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Daisy goes back tomorrow at a crack of sparrows flight to Oslo.  We will miss her dreadfully.  It has been wonderful riding out with her this holidays.


Travel safely, Daisy.  Bring us back Norwegian chocolate (just sayin’!)


3 thoughts on “Daisy’s Changed

  1. Sam

    Daisy would not be where she is without you! And Iacs and Kappi. Well done, Daisy! And bring Mum her chocolates (just saying…)


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