Daisy Says Goodbye (Party On Dudes)

Daisy is off to foreign climes for a two week trial for a job.

So she said goodbye to her horses.

Iacs, of course, is devastated.


While Kappi is working out how he will cope in her absence. I mean where will the carrots come from.  They don’t just drop from the sky, you know.


Silver was very demonstrative in his attentions.  He does real kisses.


And then all The Minions decided to pile in, sorry, I mean say goodbye in their own unique way.


Once finished, they had better things to do, ie to annoy Waffle while he had a roll because you do, don’t you, and there is nothing better than jumping on a friend when he is down.


And then it was “party on, dudes”.

BN2A9716 BN2A9760

(and this is why we don’t have good tails at Thordale – the finger points, Tiddles.  It points!)

BN2A9770 BN2A9781

Please wish Daisy the best of luck on her travels.  This is the job she wants for the foreseeable but I am not going to jinx it by saying anything.


Suffice it to say my riding buddy has gone away and I know she will miss her horses very much – everyone here will miss her too.


10 thoughts on “Daisy Says Goodbye (Party On Dudes)

  1. Deb Twomey

    Oh Dear…having a daughter that just got a job very far away (but not across seas) I have tears reading this. You are a much stronger woman than I. God Bless and watch over the young princess

  2. Sam

    Good luck on the job to Daisy. Loving how Tiddles keeps track of everyone. As I tell my Maine Coon cats, if I wasn’t to pull the tail God would not have given you one so full and lovely.


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