Culture Vultures

Our day started with a lovely ride out on frosty winter’s morning.

Daisy rode Kappi.


I rode Klængur and he listened to my every word, which was wonderful.  He quickly realised I was terrified of the black ice on the track and did his best to look after me all the way.   Bless him, I adore this horse.


And Bjørn rode Taktur.

(apologies for the grotty photos – it was a case of pointing and hoping and then finding out too late that I had failed!)


I had mucked out previously, had all the feeds ready and upon our return, we distributed, got changed into our clean clothes and drove to watch The Royal Opera House with Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.


It was incredible and we were glued to our seats at the Mareel, Shetland’s multi-purpose entertainment venue watching it on the screen. The score was by Joby Talbot and the sets were designed by Bob Crowley.

There is something very magical about watching an incredible ballet performance at Christmas and this is one we talked about all the way home and will remember for a long time.

There was someone waiting for us in the cold, who had been sat outside for hours.  She ran down the track when she spied the Land Rover returning and now she is asleep under my desk, happy that she has her family back.


1 thought on “Culture Vultures

  1. Louise

    I am devastated that we have a thick layer of snow on the Pennines meaning we cannot ride out but no snow on Shetland (I’m not wishing it on you by the way).

    Glad you enjoyed your evening out xx


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