Christmas Ride at Levenwick

Having fed everyone very quickly this morning, we packed up the horsevan with Iacs and Haakon.  (I love my van, I do).

We were going on a 2 1/4 mile Christmas ride at Levenwick.  It was a fancy dress but, as we didn’t know we were going until last night, there was no time to dress ourselves or the horses up.


Once the van was packed with tack, extra carrots, etc, we loaded up the horses.  It was at this precise point, I remembered that Haakon does not load and that all our plans would probably come to nothing.

Surprisingly, after an initial sniff and a rear, he went straight in (a first).  Iacs, of course, didn’t give it any thought at all and would have probably shut the door behind him.


So, off we drove down to Levenwick (about an hour away) and the weather was looking good.

We unloaded, tacked up and led them to the getting-on place.


We had opted for the shorter of the two rides and set off to meet the longer ride coming home.


My main priority was to look after Flossie at all times and to keep her out of trouble.  She did brilliantly and Iacs looked after her like the gentleman he is.


The rest of the ride were spectacularly dressed up, and yes, that is a Christmas tree on a horse!


As the timings of each ride got a bit muddled, everyone voted to fill in time by going to the beach for a blast.  I did not think either the horses nor Flossie (or I) were up for that so we rode back up to the horsevan, packed up and went home.  We will save the beach for another time when Floss is more experienced and the horses are fitter.


Well done Floss – her first horse riding adventure.


I am exhausted now!  Painkillers. I need painkillers.

🏇🎄 🏇🎄🏇🎄 🏇🎄🏇🎄 🏇🎄🏇🎄 🏇🎄🏇🎄 🏇🎄


5 thoughts on “Christmas Ride at Levenwick

  1. Katherine

    Your van is not like what we use to ship in the US. I’d love a tour if you are interested in giving one. From the photos here, I can’t match up the swingy bits with where the horses are standing. Is this a usual vehicle for petite beasts?

    1. Katherine

      From an earlier photo (reading backwards to catch up), I see the horses ride facing the rear? I think I’ve got it. Still wouldn’t mind a close-up tour. Congrats on new van. Looks lovely.


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