Cat and Dogs

Monster is missing his family – Daisy and OH are not here for various reasons.  Floss and I do are best but in our hearts we know it is not enough.

I hope OH is reading the blog so he can see this awful photo…..

And this!

Monster is never allowed on the kitchen table.  This is his (and mine) look of “we don’t care!”  The sauce bottles are always suspiciously clean – just sayin’ – and today I had to buy bread.   OH always makes bread.  Oh, the shame.

Ted was also shocked.

And Pepper was looking for anything edible or inedible that might hit the floor.

Meanwhile the playing never stops.  It is actually lovely, if exhausting, to watch.  Pepper needed Ted in her life and he is very happy with this role.

This film has sound…. enjoy!


5 thoughts on “Cat and Dogs

  1. Sam

    Oh the horrors Monster must endure without OH and Daisy! Little Miss Maine Coon says Sister #2 is a fine bed warmer but she does not plate the food properly. Only I seem to be able to do so. As for the table surfing and jar cleaning – consider this a better alternative to other bad things a cat can do. So happy Teddy is Chief Playmate to Pepper! Love hearing Monster’s voice.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Hopefully all the family will be back together again soon. It’s lovely that Pepper and Ted are such friends.

  3. diane in northern wis

    Poor Monster….hoping the whole family will be together again soon. Wow….that play scene with Ted and Pepper looks like it could draw blood. Whew.


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