Boys and Their Toys

What do The Minions love to do best?


Yup, play….

BN2A8982 BN2A8983



On a nice day, I like having them around the house (around, not in) so today their gate was opened.

They moseyed (sp?) about looking bored and I brought out “the toy box” – buckets, empty ice-cream and large yoghurt cartons.

BN2A9012 BN2A9018

Hours of fun, all in an old ice-cream carton


You can argue over it.

BN2A9029  BN2A9041

You can take it for a walk to show everyone that you can!

BN2A9046 BN2A9050

You can even trot with one and take it places.


And then look smug that you have it.


Storm is different.  He is not so enamoured by the toys.  He likes to stand and be scratched, hugged, kissed and told he is a good boy. Daisy is his slave.  Actually, we are all his slave.


How we all suffer.  It is very hard work.

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