Better Pasture

I am determined to move the ponies to better pasture at Leradale.  They are determined to stay in the same place.  Their field is huge and they just remain in the same place all the time.  There is lots of grass on the other side of the valley.

Armed with a bag of apples, Daisy asked them to follow her.


Except for Silver and Vitamin.  They wouldn’t jump the stream.

However, the others were very keen – it could’ve been Daisy or it could’ve been the apples.

Eventually, after much neighing, Vitamin and Silver decided they would go round rather than across.  I love the way these Shetland ponies work out a problem rather than give up.

Silver eventually arrived, so Daisy bit her remaining apple in half.

Silver had his fair share.

Lyra was very pleased to see Daisy.

They had a special moment together.

This is a wonderful park.  It is perfect for photos.  Lots and lots of photos (sorry – be prepared, maybe make sandwiches, something for the duration).

Meanwhile, Vitamin decided to stay put and shout at everyone.

Fivla did answer and tried to get her to join the herd.

In the end Vitamin realised that if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

She was not happy but she arrived.

The preggie ladies in the next door field are very happy.

They are both looking very pregnant, espcially Brá.  She is vast!  Very wide.

Lots of photos next – you were warned.


6 thoughts on “Better Pasture

  1. Sally Richmond

    Your blog brightens my day. I love to see photos of your “family” thank you.
    Really must visit Shetland one day.

  2. Linda

    There can never, ever be too many photos!
    And I think Sally speaks for a LOT of us, in that your blog always brightens our day!!!


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