I am trying to maintain some kind of normality in our new whirlwind of a life.  The Minions are good at reminding me of this and I enjoy going to see them – having some time to myself.

Dear Little Newt looks like a small Wade figurine you put on your mantelpiece or possibly give to a 12 year old girl for Christmas who loves all things pony!

He looks so sweet and fluffy.  Don’t be fooled, though.  He can be a demon when he wants.

Anywho, when I came home, I found Daisy was riding Efstur.  All going well there.

I dropped in to take photos.  Such a joy to watch – a great team.

Lambie and friends are trying to get their heads around our latest addition. Every afternoon, I take Pepper out on her lead to show her around the croft and she is very interested in meeting the sheep.  They too are fascinated but not aggressive, though there was some stamping from Maggie and so Harrel on the first day.  These are not running away type of sheep so hopefully Pepper will learn from this.  I think if they get used to each other under-supervision (hence no photos – I can’t take a camera, a dog lead and try to grab all at the same time. I haven’t got enough hands) then they will all get along fine….. eventually.

The ducks are a different matter, though.  Pepper wants to chase them and “no” is not a word she cares about or wants to hear when it comes to ducks and they do run away very satisfactorily.

And poor Flossie seems to be the one on Pepper-watch while I am out.  Having now finished her dissertation, she is busy with other stuff.  I don’t know how much she gets done.  Probably nothing!

In one week, our lives have changed, but definitely for the better.

4 thoughts on “Around

  1. Celeste

    Oh, Flossies has it so hard, being on puppy duty! Looks likes she’s getting plenty of rewards and love from Pepper. Yes, you have to teach to not chase birds. My Great Pyrenees, 4 yrs old, still barks and and chases birds in the trees. Geez Louise!

  2. Sam

    Floss should add “dog bed for fat puppy tummies” to her CV. As for Newt, I swear he was a large draft horse in another life. Glad the sheep are not stomping at Pepper. And a huge congrats on this mew family member!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Great pictures again today Frances! So fun to see all the goings-on around your place. So many critters to keep an eye on. Love your blog!


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