There is a lot of arguing going on in the Minion field this time of year.  I hate it and feeding time is not a peaceful experience.  It can all get very stressful.

As it is a two-man job, I asked my OH to help as I was on my way home from collecting him from the bus.

For his own safety, I wouldn’t let OH into the field as Newt has become an unpredictable lethal weapon.  We have words.

I didn’t manage to catch on film Newt’s worst crimes of today but you can see he goes round wreaking havoc/revenge on anyone he can.  He may be small but Newt will take on anyone.  Both Lilja and Sóley have learned how to defend their buckets.

And then Newt (and Storm) smile and of course I forgive him.

These two were good boys.

As was Silver in the background. Tiddles was twanging the wire fence to see if I would react. I couldn’t because it would put Fivla off her food and he knows that.  That is The Look of Knowledge.

Storm was trying to get into my pocketses.  All I could feel was his nose trying very hard.

It will be a happy day when we can stop feeding Fivla, Vitamin, Sóley and Lilja.

❤️ Sad news….. RIP James II. He went to sleep and never woke up. ❤️


7 thoughts on “Arguing

  1. Lucy MacArthur

    So sorry about James II. He may just have come out of hibernation too early but may have had a non obvious health problem. At least he went off to his big sleep in comfort and cared for.


    Hoping the minions don’t continue their naughtiness for too long ….

  2. Sam

    Oh no, poor James II! No one can not say you all tried to help him.
    Now as for Newt aka Napolean….one must take away his pen and Overly Large Book of Revenge.
    And Storm is not helping. Same for Tiddles. But Silver is quite the Gentleman of the field.
    I take it OH was used as a distraction?

  3. Linda

    James fell asleep in a warm, safe place – that’s the most any of us could ask for…

    As to your “wild ponies” – is it “Spring Madness”?

  4. Nancy

    James II had excellent palliative care – dicey when they wake out of hibernation. Re: minions — you had me at “The Look of Knowledge”. That seemed to be a theme at my work today as well — those minions have a wide reach!


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