Another Day Another Dollar

So how is Wu, I hear you ask? (thank you for your concern, and all your get-well messages;  they are hugely appreciated).


Wu refuses to come out from under the bed.  All conversations take place with me lying on the floor trying to coax him out with food, love and companionship.


I did manage briefly with some chopped wafer thin ham and took this photo of the injury.  Nasty.


Poor boy. No wonder he isn’t talking to anyone.


I thought BeAnne was being supportive only to find she had snaffled Wu’s special tempting food.  She managed a cursory get-well-soon glance at her friend.


Outside is harsh.  I mucked out and fed everyone.


The upside, though, is that I discovered it is a good idea to stable a has-been stallion and a stallion together as they will poo in the same place!  I only had three lovely neat piles to clear up as opposed to the thousand dotted everywhere when it was two geldings together.


The Minions are all sharing nicely in their little shed.  I am pleased about that and would be very cross if someone was having to live outside due to any dog-in-manger behaviour.  But no, everyone has access to hay and no one is hassling.


There was a brief weather window and I shot outside with Loki and BeAnne for their long walk.


(someone needs to shiver or run off some of the cat’s dinner)

L1130619  L1130629

After that, Jack went out for his short potter before it got dark again.


He’s still got it and he’s still with us.  Weather does not put our little Jack off.



(I lie – it does, sometimes)

6 thoughts on “Another Day Another Dollar

  1. Karen

    Poor Wu, it is very nasty. How do you think he did it? Do you suspect Loki or do you think he encountered an otter?

    1. jan

      Cooked ham does the trick! I am sure he will come out after a few days. I thought BeAnne was looking guilty in the puddle pic. This blog brightens my day Frances living in the landlocked Midlands tnank you and I love the advent calendar!

  2. Linda

    Wu is probably feeling a bit vulnerable (and drafty), I’m guessing. Glad everyone in the shed(s) are cooperating in their own ways. Gorgeous shot of the weather window!

  3. Linda

    Loved the photos of A Day in the Life at Thordale today…helping vibes for Wu, hope he gets over that soon…whatever the hell it was that happened!


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