An Autumn Offer!

I have an offer.

Would anyone like a dvd I made about Shetland in Autumn?

The dvd contains 3 short films that I made a few years back, based on a poem by John J. Graham, containing Shetland dialect and traditional Shetland music set to my photographs

The three films are:-

Whaar’ll I in Hairst Fair – a 3.75 minute film showing photos of the Shetland landscape in the Autumn (one of my favourites and the music is lovely) – yes, there are Shetland ponies!

Scalloway Castle and Scallowa’ – a little film (nearly 5 minutes) around and about Scalloway and its Castle.  The music is very evocative and beautiful.  The photos aren’t bad either!  Scalloway is Shetland’s original capital.

Whin Lizzie pat da coo tae Culswick – Lastly, a film (7:44 mins) of a story told by my neighbour about her sister-in-law, who walked a cow 12 1/2 miles down the road to its new owner.  A beautiful story that illustrates Shetland crofting (farming) life.

All I ask for is a donation plus your address to cover postage plus whatever you feel like giving to The Minions.  The dvd can be played on any computer – it is Region 0.

Please send your donation via Paypal to – and I will post a dvd to you.

The bills for the Minions are arriving.  Newt needs to be gelded.  Winter is coming.

Any donation is wonderful. Nothing huge, please.  Just let me send you, in return, a piece of Shetland life in Autumn.


11 thoughts on “An Autumn Offer!

  1. John A. Davies

    I would be interested but I’m unsure how I would make this work from the US? You can email me direct with details!

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you. That is incredibly generous and kind. My address is Thordale, Walls, Shetland ZE2 9PE. I am Frances Taylor. Please include your address so I can send you a DVD.

  2. Celeste Nossiter

    I just sent you money through PayPal, I hope it worked. This is a great idea! My address is 2147 Margo Rd SW, Albuquerque NM 87105 USA. I teach stranded knitting and I can use this as background and intro to my classes. Thank you! One of these days I will come over to meet Taktur – and you of course!


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