An Amazing Day

Daisy is home for two weeks from her job in Norway – she backs and trains young horses.

The first thing Daisy wanted to do was to ride her Icelandic horse, Iacs.  She has had Iacs since she was 10 years old and they are a very happy together.  Daisy has never wanted to sell Iacs but enjoys riding him when she is home.


Iacs may be a fat little hairy boy and Daisy may ride million dollar horses now, but iacs is still her Iacs and nothing will ever change that.  They have been friends forever.

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I love Daisy’s face in the photo below – that is the face of true happiness as they disunitedly canter around the school together. Who cares if it is not right or pretty?  Daisy is happy and they are having fun.  Sometimes perfection is not that its cracked up to be.


Still, Daisy had Iacs going very well and he was a happy boy.


There was even a smidgeon of tölt, which Iacs is not renowned for. Daisy asked him very kindly and Iacs duly tried his best for her.


And then my dreams came true.  I never nagged – I might’ve suggested, though……

Daisy gave Flossie, her younger sister, a riding lesson on Haakon.


It was lovely to watch and Daisy was a very good teacher.


She showed Flossie what she was aiming for and Flossie tried her hardest to achieve.


And achieve they did.


What a wonderful day.  I honestly don’t care what the weather does, just seeing my two daughters and their respective horses listening and learning from each other, is a wonderful sight.


I could not be happier.

🎥 📹 📻 📺 🎥 📹 📻 📺 🎥 📹 📻 📺 🎥 📹 📻 📺 🎥 📹 📻 📺


4 thoughts on “An Amazing Day

  1. Terri

    Raise the drawbridge and enjoy these happy times with your adult daughters!
    “The best things in life aren’t things.” – Art Buchwald

  2. Kris

    Another visit here,
    another smile from ear to ear.

    Thanks Frances for giving us daily insights into not just your life but our own as well.


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