All Together Now


I made an executive decision to put all the girls and Minions together in one field.


It would make my life much easier.


I think because there was space (20 acres), everyone felt more at ease this time.


However, there was one huge bum kicking match between Vitamin and Hetja – both dominant mares (oooh, Vitamin does look like her son, Indy when she is herrumphing).


Vitamin was incensed that she was not the boss anymore and did not relinquish her role graciously.

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But Hetja won hands down for having a foal at foot, plus a bigger bottom and being younger.  I was a bit nervous to start with and umm-ed and ahh-ed as to whether I should take Hetja and Hjalti out.  In the end I decided to leave them to it.


Big Himself could hear the shouting and was offering his help, which didn’t make anything easier either.


We came home from Lerwick (beautiful sunset) and I wondered how everyone would be,


I needn’t have worried – they were all fine.


Much more settled.  The field is big enough to support two different herds or at least give those that want it, space.


Hetja disowned the whole lot!  Fine.


With the sun almost gone, I shouted for those that wanted to come in.  Les Grandes Dames and Storm shot into the stable without being asked twice.  The others elected to stay outside so that was a perfect arrangement.  I was only really wanting Les Grandes Dames in (and Storm obviously because if it rained, he says he will melt!)



Today’s Advent prezzie – this was the one of the first times Tiddles started to play so it is an important milestone photo!

(I am beginning to hate Zazzle)

2 thoughts on “All Together Now

  1. Sam

    How are Tiddles and Storm doing with all those ladies? Glad to know Le Grand Dames and Storm know enough to go to the stable in bad weather.


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