All In Together

So, today was the day.

We had finished the silage and there is one big field with grass.

I opened the gate and Hjalti, Efstur, Iacs, Haakon and Klængur walkied into Kappi and Taktur´s field.

Efstur took an instant likeing to Kappi.  Oranges together.

There was lots of running.

And eating!

Hajlti turned into an Arab stallion.

And Taktur did some showing off.

But, all in all, Taktur was fine with everyone.

I love the way Haakon and Iacs don’t move while everyone else is flinging themselves about!  I suppose it is a matter of priorities.

So, as everything seemed to be going well (read, peacefully), we put Albie and Newt into the mix.

Newt and Taktur were an instant hit.

Albie struggled a bit.  We found him outwith the hill (after dropping Delia off in Lyradale) but he was very happy to go back.  He must’ve jumped out and given himself a gluff by accident.

Newt was in his element.  So many friends.  So little time.

My money is on Newt.

In about ten minutes time, all these big Icelandic horses were his friends (read, servants).

He wasn’t remotely phased.

There will be games, endless games.

And so, after watching for a while, we left them to get on with it.

So, basically, Taktur, in Spring, has been put out with three colts.  That says something about him.  What a nice guy.

(he is teaching Efstur how to poo-sniff – an essential stallion skill).

The oldies are very happy to be together again.

Newt is a very happy Newt.

But he still has time for his BFF, Albie, who needs convincing that this is a good idea.

7 thoughts on “All In Together

  1. Celeste Nossiter

    oh, the most beautiful photographs EVER! I can’t believe Taktur who is already my favorite: smart, gentlemanly, handsome, friendly, good with kids, well behaved and GORGEOUS! I am so impressed! If I were there I would just spend all day watching them.

  2. Sam

    Trust Newt to woo over any and all to the Newtness of Him. I hope Albie doesn’t get trampled by everyone. And the Elders are merely watching with great amusement at all the antics going on. Takur has proven himself the Best again.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Newt is unbelievable! And so is Taktur. I hope Albie learns to mix more as the days go by. Some delightful pictures, Frances!

  4. Carol E

    What lovely photos. They have a sense of play and freedom that I don’t think I’ve seen in any other herd. The shot of Alvie, Newt, Esftur, and Kappi galloping toward you feels so much like those romantic shots of wild mustangs, although there are some size details…How can Hajlti look so spry when yesterday she was as wide as a barn??

    1. Frances Post author

      Hetja is wide as a barn. She is Hjalti’s mother and in another field waiting to give birth. No mares in the all-boys-together field!

  5. Linda

    Absolutely beautiful photos – all I keep thinking is what a “Peaceable Kingdom” that is!


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