All I Want for Christmas

With Flossie now safely home, it was decided that the Christmas tree should be put up and duly decorated.

Where the tree traditionally lives is where BeAnne’s bed is now situated – next to my desk.  So Daisy put her bed (as In BeAnne’s bed) under the tree and we decided presents will go somewhere else.  BeAnne is our best present this Christmas.

Monster, living up to his name, quickly made the bed his.  BeAnne decided she wanted her bed too so he grudgly gave her a corner and she clambered on.  They were both was deliberately making their point.

We carefully decorated the tree around these two well aware that Her Maj was not very happy with her small corner.

This is her not-very-happy face.  You can feel her misery.

But we just had to get on with our decorating jobs.

After a while, Monster left the bed for his tea so I shut him in the kitchen…..

…. and quickly told BeAnne that her bed was now available.

This went down badly. Monster went into his “Fortress of Solitude” to sulk.

This is his not-very-happy face.  You can feel his sulking.


Feeling kind, Daisy decorated the Fortress to cheer Monster up a bit.

BeAnne quickly spread out and there were no small corners offered to passing white cats.

Still, the tree looks nice. The girls decorated it beautifully.

I fear this is a war that is not over.

4 thoughts on “All I Want for Christmas

  1. Sam

    Ah the painful trials one might have to suffer with living with a White Monster…And such sulking all around. Santa might take notice. Love the tree – nice to see others in the holiday spirit. Where mine should live is smack in the middle of Mask Making Central, so only a tiny table top fake tree placed up high so Little Miss Maine Coon Cat does not play “Godzilla” on it like she has done in the past. And sad to say, here in New England, we can not dismantle MMC just yet….

  2. diane in northern wis

    Oh I love your pictures and your story today. I was hoping the two could possibly share that cozy bed 50/50 but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Your tree turned out lovely and I love all the other decorations you string around the house too. So fun to see how other people decorate for Christmas. Thanks for sharing with us!

  3. Sheley

    I think you’re going to need a bigger bed- since the presents are going elsewhere you might as well make a big ‘tree skirt bed’ all the way round. Think that would help?


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