Airport – Round 2

Well exactly what I thought happened.  We got there after a fairly hair-raising journey (I decided on the Yaris in the end because it has less windage) all in good time.  Daughter checked in her luggage and herself, was given her ticket, we wandered around the shop, sat down and waited for the flight to be called.  About 15 minutes later it was announced that all subsequent flights had been cancelled.  So we trudged up to the desk, were given a new ticket for the next day and started our perilous journey home.  It was pitch dark, the wind was cruel and ceaseless, plus intermittent rain.

Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 16.37.05

I almost lost my nerve as we drove up the road out of Walls when the car was hit with a huge gust and swerved but slow and steady gritting my teeth, we got home safely.

According to data from Sandness, it was 70mph gusts.  I told Flybe.  I warned them in the morning and they still expected me to drive in that for three hours in pitch dark to be told they were cancelling.  If the passenger does not show, they forfeit the ticket and Flybe refuse to give you another.  That is not a lifeline service.  That is utter disregard for their passengers.  There really is no excuse since we are all connected with computers and phones.  So much information is required when we book the ticket, that Flybe could’ve easily cancelled the flight earlier and saved a perilous dangerous drive to the airport.  We all knew full well there was a huge storm coming.  It was not rocket science.

/end of rant.

Anywho, today we tried again, only this time Daisy was going during the daylight hours so I took my camera in case there were some good waves about.  We left in good time, again, and had a few pit stops for pictures.


This is one end of the runway where the planes were landing.

BN2A8379 BN2A8540

Pretty impressive!

BN2A8389 BN2A8566

This is the other end – which was amazing.

BN2A8631 BN2A8653

So I dropped Daisy off, we said our goodbyes and I drove back home again.  Whiteness Voe was looking good in the last of the winter evening sun.


You know what they say – “Red sky at morning, sailors take warning;  Red sky at night, sailors’ delight”.  There is a bigger storm on its way tomorrow.   Flybe probably use this traditional method for their weather forecasting too.



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