About Heart❤️Felt

As you may be aware, I am learning a new craft.  I make felted animals and birds.  This is to raise money to pay the bills for my animals.  It is called Heart❤️Felt.

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At present, my repertoire is somewhat limited to robins, puffins, penguins and bluebirds.

And sheep. I am quite good at sheep.

Obviously my creations are very individual as they are hand-crafted by myself and I like to give them their own unique personalities and look.

As I make more of my woolly little friends, I am improving my skills.  For example, my robin looks less military but, best of all, I ❤️ making them.

These animals and birds are not available for sale anywhere else but I am happy to make you your own Heart❤️Felt friend for a financial donation.   This goes towards the endless bills (mostly feed, bedding, wormer and vet) and is hugely appreciated.  Each woolly character takes about three hours to create and is about 2″ + high (penguins are tall, puffins are less so).

Anyway, my little guys can wing their way all around the world.  All you have to do is say who or what you want me to make and I will do my very best.  I will also tell you if a 6 foot woolly mammoth is doable (not, so you know).

Each little chap comes with their own hand-written tag with their name and a small description like “Wonky Sheep” – Unique and Special – Made by Frances and are rustically gift-wrapped.

All are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Frances x