A Waistline?

I think that the Shetland ponies may be losing a teensy tiny bit of weight.

I hope I am not fooling myself but I think I can almost see a “waistline” on Fivla.

I found all the ponies after breakfast having a bit of a kip in the spring sunshine.  Although, quite cold, the sun was making an effort.

For a brief moment, I honestly thought Albie was dead.

I love this photo – Vitamin, despite her advanced years, always has perfect posture and stands very upright.  Such a gorgeous mare.

And that is why her son, Indy Ping-Pong won Best Black Stallion at the SPSBS Breed Show in 2007.  He was gorgeous too – obviously a family trait.

Less gorgeous, but always a laugh, are Storm and Waffle, with a hint of Albie in the background, who had now stood up after his death-like nap.

Silver was busy being wind-swept by the harsh south-easterly.

Newt looked like he was settled in with his entourage for the rest of the day.

They are still very hairy mostly because I can’t be bothered to brush them yet.  It’s too cold and the wind will take care of most of it anyway.

So the way forward this spring is the encouragement of waistlines.  I will do anything to keep  laminitis at bay.

We are not going through that again.

9 thoughts on “A Waistline?

  1. Colleen McNamara

    They all look good. Fulffy and happy. YES there are waistlines 😉 Not worth brushing just yet. You get hair all over yourself and like you said it is still cold and the wind will take care of things. Love Vitamin’s stance she is a beautiful girl. I think your new track design has added to their conditioning. Well done mum. Even though it says foul weather, the ominous storm clouds in the background set the tone.

    1. Frances Post author

      I am trying so hard to find out what is right. I swear I will be the one with ulcers and laminitis soon!

  2. judy l shank

    Laminitis must be awful & I want none of your furry family to get it. That said, I did get a chuckle about Fivla’s waistline ( I do agree that she has one); it reminds me of having Labrador Retrievers for 50 years. My husband & our daughters have spent decades standing back & convincing ourselves before vet annuals that ,yes, you can see he or she has made progress if viewed from a certain angle, there is a waist, of sorts, if you kind of tilt your head, maybe squint a bit… Your sun is lovely: I’ll hope that warmer weather & less wind come to you.

  3. Judith

    They are looking lovely! Well done to you.

    I’ll be watching Bangers and Cash on Sunday at 10 pm (on Yesterday). I’m not usually a fan, but my sister and her husband’s old Moskevitch car is featured and Julie, Stewart, their daughter Ruth and her partner Richard take part along with the car.

  4. Julia

    Storm and Waffle looking very handsome! I’ve been rereading some of your blogs from their early days when they were all 3 known as “the bebbies”

    Glad to see nothing has changed much!!

    1. Frances Post author

      To me, they are still my bebbies. BTW, that’s from Miss Piggy calling them the Muppet Bebbies!


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