A Restful Day

I didn’t have a good night last night.  No sleep. I felt like electric ants were crawling all over me.  So I had an easy day today making everyone else do my chores, because that is what daughters are for!

Anyway, this handsome prince was waiting for me at the front door. Daisy has made her boys a day-paddock of grass that needs eating around the outside of the house.

To clear my head, I went for a walk along the road.  The wild flowers are fabulous, as usual but the bog cotton or cottongrass is amazing this year.

I have never seen it this good.

In Shetland, bog cotton is known as “Lucky Minnie’s Oo”.  Apparently “Lucky Minnie” is Scottish for grandmother. “Oo” is Shetland dialect for wool.  The perfect name then.

And I have just found this out, it was used for dressing wounds in the First World War (1914 – 1918).

Brilliant to see this time of year and possibly the definition of a swathe.

My head is cleared and I am feeling a bit better now. I hope it was just one of those nights and I am back to default settings.

Those electric ants are not welcome.

9 thoughts on “A Restful Day

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Hope you’re feeling better and better. Tonight is a night for a good sleep!
    Had no idea there was cotton on Shetland, let alone “free-range”. It’s beautiful!

  2. Dona

    Frances, so glad you have rested and are feeling better. Your flower photos are beautiful. We have been told that spider webs were used as dressings for wounds on soldiers during the Civil War. Your Oo’s flowers are much prettier for that use. I would love to see these in person! Our California valley temps are in the 100Fs this week. Not many flowers unless they are well watered. Mainly golden fields, and fire season is starting early. ;-(
    Take Care & Stay well. Love those helpful daughters! They are great.
    Dona in California

  3. Sam

    Not much more exhausting then a bad night of sleep….except no sleep. Here’s hoping you get a nice nap in.

  4. Lucy MacArthur

    Absolutely gorgeous pictures of the handsome prince and the beautiful flowers.

    My sister (and my late mother) have described electric ants (or sometimes worms) as one of her MS symptoms – possibly some symptoms overlap with your condition? Anyway, I do hope you continue to feel better and have no repeat of your bad night! Lucyx


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