A Perfect Ride

Flossie is returning south in the next few days and I wanted to go out riding with her one more time before she goes back.  Meanwhile my spine has seized up almost completely but I trusted Haakon to look after me.  I did initially think I would walk alongside Floss/Iacs but I couldn’t resist going on horseback too.


Flossie rode Iacs and we took BeAnne with us for her daily walk.


It was a stunningly gorgeous Shetland spring day.  The sea looked very inviting and green grass is beginning to appear on the scattald (open hill).


Flossie and Iacs went along very well together.  I didn’t have to worry about her at all.


We didn’t go far.  Just a couple of miles really along the road in walk.  I think Iacs broke into trot once to catch up but he is very used to doing his own thing.


We were watched by the locals, as is usual.


Flossie is turning into a nice little rider.


This is my favourite view through Haakon’s ears.  If I am talking to him, the left ear goes back to listen to me, always.


I think Flossie enjoyed herself.  She managed to tack up, untack, and lead Iacs back to his field perfectly on her own.  She then took Taktur, our ferocious stallion, by his chin hairs and led him back into the field.  I asked her if she wasn’t scared of him and she just shrugged and said no.  He is not a scary horse, he is just Taktur!

So now I have two horsey daughters.  So proud and so useful!


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