A Lambie Morning

This morning I took the camera out to follow Lambie during his morning routine.

For breakfast, Lambie had his bowl of sheep mix and Turmer-Aid™️ all to himself.  The others are not being fed – the spring grass is through – but Lambie needs his turmeric all year round for his poor arthriticky joints.  These beet pulp/lucerne turmeric-infused pellets work wonders.  They make all the difference.  We have one happy Lambie – so different from this time last year when he was in so much pain that he went to see the vet and grumped. With Turmer-Aid™️, I feel that Lambie has a future now.  Last year I didn’t know how to help him and was worried.

He always has his Winning Smile, though.

A long fleece means Lambie is very itchy this time of year.

After breakfast, Lambie went for a wander.

Then he spied his new BFF.  Monster.

Lambie was intrigued and very keen to meet Monster properly.

So I let Lambie out of the field to make his introductions properly.

Monster was not particularly keen on being followed quite so enthusiastically, but coped well with this new situation.

Lambie was determined.  When he sets his heart on someone or something, nothing gets in his way.  He was diligent.

Lambie just kept on Monster’s trail.

They make an odd couple!

I made a little film of Lambie’s morning.  Enjoy xx  (the music is perfect)

13 thoughts on “A Lambie Morning

  1. Terri

    Long live Lambie! This was the best film I’ve seen in a loooong time! (new BFF Mon doesn’t look too impressed, to be honest) Hmmm, I wonder if the turmeric pellets work for humans.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Love your blog today….the pictures…the story.,…..the video……loved it all and it surely made me smile! Thanks for a great day and crazy good music too!

  3. Nancy

    Just wondering, so now that you buy Tumer-Aid, did you stop making the golden tumeric paste you used to give to the horses? Do you just feed them some Tumer-Aid as well?

    1. Frances Post author

      Delia has died now, so she never had the Turmeric-aid. She liked the Golden Paste most and relished licking out the bucket. I also bulk bought turmeric and coconut oil so had lots to use up!

  4. Louise Stopford

    Absolutely wonderful post and video Frances – enjoyed it SO much. I could watch it again and again – thank you.


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