A Funny Old Day

It’s been a funny old day.

I got up for 6 a.m. (two and a half hours ahead of my usual time) when I spotted a brief lull in the wind and rain.  Everyone was very surprised to see us bearing buckets so early but appreciated the effort, I think.

Monster channelling his inner Winston Churchill

Pepper “smizing”

Later on, while the weather was heftily throwing itself at us, I got a text from my shearer, Morgan, saying he was coming to drench my sheep.  Of course they were all outside, so I had to lure them into their stable with crunchy-munchies and quickly shut the door, returning later with some haynets to keep them entertained until Morgan arrived.

The crunchy-munchy jar which was busy hynotising Maggie.

Now I see this photo, I think I have found my family crest. I was toying with having a signet ring (melting down two old ones I have lying around) created and I was deliberating which family crest and motto to use but I think I actually this is my inspiration.  Two sheep and a haynet or maybe a sheep, a haynet, and a Shetland pony!

Morgan arrived and quickly drenched everyone. Note-to-self, I must write this in the Farm Book so I remember the date.

He said they all looked very well.

Madge still a bit too well.  She remains ever the heiffer.  The very definition of a leg in each corner.

And I’m glad we’ve got that done. It’s been a wet winter so a wise decision.  I am deliberating whether to drench all the horses and ponies too – for liverfluke.  These days, it is on the up.

5 thoughts on “A Funny Old Day

  1. Judith

    Love the “Two sheep and a Haynet” idea, although a bear rampant sable just might put in an appearance somewhere? Privately been toying with similar ideas for adding to my attic decoration, but not the sheep because sadly I don’t have any. A signet ring being so tiny it’s difficult to design for.

    1. Frances Post author

      I also have Boyd – which is a hand held up with two fingers and the word “Confido”. Plus anything Agate (my maiden name) or Barclay (my paternal grandmother) – motto: “either action or death”, which is not very me. I wish I could find an Agate crest but the word Agate gets in the way of searches as that’s what some rings are made of.
      My motto would be Whatever it takes.


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