A difficult day

Today has not been the easiest. My back is on its way out along with our internet, I wonder if they are related.

Anywho, no photos from me but I managed to blag some off Flossie who sits on the sofa in prime position watching Monster in all his glory.


I am going to bed to lie on my bed of nails (acupressure mat).  I don’t need any of this.

9 thoughts on “A difficult day

  1. Sam

    Hope the back eases up and the internet stays on. As for the white thing, that sleepy chin is ripe for pulling down like he is talking….just saying….

  2. Judith Garbutt

    So sorry your back is playing up again. Not altogether surprising with all your hard work caring for so many animals! I hope it settles down with a bit of rest and home treatment. xx

  3. Linda Kirk

    There seems to be a lot more of Monster when he’s lying down. The picture of contentment. A neighbour’s cat pays me a visit most days, and she’s a bit obsessed with cardboard.
    I hope you are feeling better soon and able to get some rest.

  4. Kerry Butler

    Hope you come good very soon Frances! Monster is such a character!

    All the best, and wombat wishes for your good health,


  5. diane in northern wis

    Praying for you Frances, and your back. Back pain is just the worst…..I hope and pray you’ll be feeling much better soon. Thank Floss for the great pics of the monster!


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