A Day of Clatch

Today was officially a Day of Clatch.  It rained, rained and rained some more, with an added gale just for good measure.

But, it was not cold and no one was shivering – just wet, very wet.


I have been loading the field feed buckets with silage while Les Grandes Dames have free range and just help themselves around the bale.


Iacs is now indoors as I have discovered, I think, his ailment.  He has a hoof abscess.  His left front smells like a dead dog so he stood in a bucket of hot water while we listened to the radio together, and then I put on a hot poultice and wrapped it up.

Iacs must live in the little stall for a while.  Obviously he has the finest nursing staff ministering to his every whim.

IMG_2499 IMG_2501 (1)

I volunteered two Minions as well.


Meanwhile, in the “new goat shed”, Taktur and his mini-me, Waffle, are living together.


Taktur usually lives with Kappi but once Kappi sees that shed, he takes up permanent residence and won’t allow anyone else in.  Taktur and Waffle share happily and it is very funny to see two “identical” heads poking out.

IMG_2515 IMG_2521

When I was dishing out the silage this evening, Kappi grabbed the first bucket load.  Little Hjalti came up and asked if he could share and Kappi put his ears back and bit him.

Instantly, Hetja appeared telling Kappi exactly what she thought of his disgusting manners to her beloved son.

When I looked back, Hetja and Hjalti were happily together eating Kappi’s silage.

I put out more silage.  Buckets and buckets so everyone had a good pile.

Never cross Hetja.  She don’t take prisoners.  Kappi found out.


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