A Day in Town

We left the horses snoozing and drove to town, via the Minions whose water we had to fill up twice as Waffle insisted on putting his hooves in the buckets to splash around in.  I was not impressed and told him so.

Lerwick was its usual jolly, if empty, self.  Don’t worry, the place is heaving when the cruise ships come in.

En route shopping, I took a few photos.  These are “The Lanes” which run east and west from Hillhead to Commercial Street in the heart of Lerwick.  They are narrow little alleys that go up the hill to various houses hidden behind the Street.

I sorted out selling my wool-felted sheep in one shop and possibly my puffins in another and then, feeling cheerful and rather pleased with myself, Flossie and I went to Harry’s Department Store looking for a toy fence for my sheep field.  I want to create a point of sale shop display.

Harry’s Department Store is one of the stalwarts of Lerwick.  Set on three levels, it is crammed full of everything.  Their Toy Department is legendary in Shetland.  We have spent many happy hours (and pounds) in there so it was wonderful to return to what used to be the girls’ idea of heaven.  I would use Harry’s as the ultimate bribe for awful ordeals like the dentist and injections. In fact, we still say “I’ll take you to Harry’s” if I am looking for a bribe and twenty-odd years on, eyes still light up.  So wandering the aisles today, reminiscing over the toys that used to be wanted and yearned for was an excellent form of sport.  Nothing had changed – still the same set-up and type of toys.  It was perfect.

And this was our lunch view.  Not bad, eh?


3 thoughts on “A Day in Town

  1. Sam

    Growing up we went to Provincetown on Cape Cod every year. IF all 4 daughters behaved, one got $1 for the Penny Candy store (maybe getting 100 pieces of candy) and a book from the local book store. The book store was the golden nugget for us. Still is. Lovely beach scene.

  2. Louise Stopford

    Loved your shots of Lerwick – looks such an interesting town. I would really like to visit one day. The toy shop looks amazing – every child’s idea of heaven and my son would have loved it (twenty odd years ago), but I reckon he would still love it now – do men every grow up??!! That’s what you call a ‘sea view’ – fabulous. Thanks for taking us into town with you and showing us around.


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