A Busy Day Ahead

I knew today was going to be a busy day so I had my Cunning Plan all ready which was basically to feed everyone and get them where I wanted them as quickly and painlessly as possible.

I even managed to herd all the sheep (and that included Lambie) into the small field to keep them out of the way of traffic.  Amongst other things, we had BT arriving first thing to look at our terrible phone line which sounds like everyone is talking through a thick towel.

It is nice when a plan comes together…. ie when everyone participates.

My clever little Lambie and yes, it took a whole packet of ginger biscuits to achieve but I’m not proud. Whatever it takes, I say.

Meanwhile indoors, Floss was trying to eat her breakfast and described this as the “Holy Trinity”!  Crumpets and marmite are apparently Food of the Gods.  Scroungers, the lot of ’em.

Later, when I came home this afternoon, having achieved all I needed to including Minions, I was greeted with huge enthusiasm.  Pepper and Ted were having an excellent game of crocodiles which involved much gnashing of teeth.

Apart from the odd battle, they all seem to get on fairly well these days which is a huge relief.

Monster knows where it is safest to be as you can’t see him, right?  Cat, what cat?

3 thoughts on “A Busy Day Ahead

  1. Trish

    So happy to see that Ted has settled in to his new life so well. I think Monster is coping admirably if not without a tinge of huffiness.

  2. Sam

    One must use all methods at one’s disposal when one have THINGS TO DO. Even if certain Sheep are given an extra ginger snap. Needs must. As for the new Olympic Sport of “Drool over Floss’s Breakfast” – hard to say who got the gold medal. Do love watching a good crocodile fight (nice to know Ted is holding his own).


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