A Boyzenberries Walk

I am walking as much as I can.  It is still difficult, things are not right and I drag my left leg along.  It feels like it is slowly turning to stone.

But walking is what I do.  As I was going out of the gate yesterday, I looked around and asked if anyone wanted to come too.

(Note BeAnne right at the back wondering whether to disown us.  Sometimes she stops and we collect her on the way back!)

I haven’t been on a walk with all three of my Boyzens for a while.

Once on the road, BeAnne went on a lead and the others just walked alongside.

They mostly behaved and were good when we met cars, going to the side and waiting politely.

On the way home Lambie stayed with BeAnne and me, mostly for his safety.

‘Ster and ‘Bert were jumping on each other, pushing, shoving and giggling.  As long as they didn’t bump into me, I didn’t mind.

I think the Boyzens should go on regular walks as they are all looking a bit “well” as polite people call it or fat, as I call it!

BeAnne led the way home with the three sheeple behind her.

Today, I asked if they wanted to come too again.  They all went into the hill for the day instead so I went for a walk by myself.  BeAnne was nowhere to be seen either.


6 thoughts on “A Boyzenberries Walk

  1. Sam

    Round, the term is round, not fat. Okay, maybe too round… Sorry they all puttered off instead of walking with you.

  2. Dona

    Love going out for a walk with you, the sheep & the dog! Beautiful, unpopulated hillsides & roads. No wind and rain! What a nice day.

  3. M in NC

    Another term I have heard is ‘fluffy’. I think that term could be applied to the sheeples quite easily.

    M in NC

  4. Terri

    A virtual walk in Shetland with Her Maj and the Sheeples, how lovely! (If only I could come along in real time….) Hope walking helps your back.


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