2017 Walls & District Agricultural Show (and my birthday)

The second show – So here we are – up early.

The usual routine – brushing.

Making friends.

Pushing them out into the show ring.

Waiting in line to be next.


Watching everyone do their very best.

More brushing.

More friends.

Getting dressed, ready to go in.

Making sure everything is just right.

In the ring and hope you impress the judge.

Having a bit of a lie down.

Picking the right bit of tack for the right pony and its handler.

Making friends.

Running up and down.

Looking beautiful.

Going round and round with a foal in tow.

All together.


Mother and daughter.

Watching on the sidelines.

The photographers.

The winners.

So it was all worth it – very worth it.  Floss never stopped.  She worked so hard getting everyone ready.  Me, again, on numbers and general bossing everyone around.

All worth it.

Exhausted. Drinking gin. My birthday x


11 thoughts on “2017 Walls & District Agricultural Show (and my birthday)

  1. Rebeccca A Final

    What a wonderful way to spend ones birthday (IMO). Hope it was a happy day Frances. The ponies are so lovely.

  2. diane in northern wisconsin

    Happy Birthday! Love your pictures and all the beautiful ribbons. The horses look awesome. Enjoy your day and all the hard work that was done.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Sorry I missed your birthday, Frances – looks like you had a lovely day. Belated birthday greetings.


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