You’re Gorgeous

I am washing, ironing and packing to go south for a while.  Needs must and it is always good to get a change of scene for some thinking.

While the washing machine is red hot and I dusted off the iron, I went outside to see Taktur was queuing up to do some training.

He always looks beautiful, no matter what and he has such enviable presence.


I am not used to seeing this grace and natural elegance in a young stallion.


Try as I might, I just cannot put more weight on Taktur at the moment.  I have to constantly remind myself that he is only just 6 years old and still growing hopefully in every direction.


Icelandic horses are slow maturers.


I called Taktur over to throw a few carrots over the fence at him…..


…. and we had a little chat.  Me explaining that I had to go south and I expected him to look after everyone, big and small.


Taktur, for all his young years, is a very responsible chap and I know everyone is in safe hands – Daisy and Bjørn will also be around to keep an eye.


I will miss my little herd.  London and Reading do not offer me these luxuries but it will be nice to be warm (summer is south) and to catch up with my family again.


Sometimes, I just need to go back.  It is very good for my perspective on life.


5 thoughts on “You’re Gorgeous

  1. Rebecca Final

    Hoping for a safe trip. You will surely miss all of your fur family. We get so used to them in our daily lives, when we are away from them there is a feeling of something quite wrong. I took a trip in 2011 with my sister. We traveled from here in California to Scotland and Italy. A truly lovely trip, but 5 weeks away from my ponies and dogs was way way too long for me, and I decided I will not be gone from them that long again.

  2. Terri

    Bon voyage! (Will Lambie be ok without his surrogate mum? or is Daisy filling in for you?)
    Taktur’s beauty is matched only by Hetja’s — what a gorgeous pair!

  3. Celeste

    Taktur is SO gorgeous, gentle, sweet, what a wonderful boy! I love him to bits and I’ve never even met him. He’s a very unusual stallion. Pictures of him are always welcome!

  4. Sam

    You should have labeled this post as “Stud Alert!” I hope you enjoy going south to warmth, family, events and fun times. But we here, across the pond, will be waiting for your return.


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