This Makes it All Worthwhile

Little Albie always eats his breakfast away from Camus and Tor, for obvious reasons.  They get something but not as much as Albie does.  He needs it.

Afterwards, Albie is returned to his field and we spend time with everyone, until they walk away.

Or not.


(Yesterday, at lunch I saw my little herd in the small field by the house, so I jumped, (ok, I scrambled) over the fence and sat on a nearby flat rock.  To my surprise, Albie came and sat beside me.  Camus jumped on him.  Albie stood up and told Camus he didn’t like that and sat down beside me again.  Camus jumped on him again so Albie and I gave up and we sadly walked away from each other knowing a magical moment had been missed).


So, it was lovely to see Albie trying again.


He had remembered and wanted to be with me.


This time I had an armed guard ready.


My armed guard means business.


This is my idea of pure heaven.


And then, when Albie lay down in my lap, my world suddenly made perfect sense.


I dreamed of this moment.


I felt like a Muzzah to someone who needed me.


Meanwhile, in the background a small cross brown irritant waited for revenge.  He has a perfectly good parent.  He doesn’t need me.


It doesn’t get better than this.  Nope.  This is why I rescue Shetland ponies.


14 thoughts on “This Makes it All Worthwhile

  1. Nicki

    Oh wow I have tears. How absolutely amazing. Well you’ve done it Frances what an fantastic job you’re doing. Keep up the good work and reap those benefits xx

  2. Susan

    Beautiful moment, what a bond you have with all your fur babies. You know you are doing the right thing when they show their trust like this. 10/10 for being the best muzzah

  3. Rebecca

    Those are some of the sweetest pictures ever. It’s hard to tell in the pics of the ponies when you up close just what size they are. He is SO tiny. Thank you for sharing

  4. Sam

    The small brown one is hugely jealous of Muzzah Love and not getting your lap. And yes, this is one amazing story and photo. Thank you for sharing it with us!

  5. Linda

    What paradise to have a beautiful boy resting in your lap – a truly MAGICAL moment – if I didn’t have the most wonderful dog in the world, I’d be jealous… 😉


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