The Cast

Someone said, and it has been mentioned by others, that they don’t know who everyone is when I write about them.

So I think I should have a Cast List.

The Minions

Waffle – 4 year old midi Shetland pony gelding (rescue)
A dude – easy and helpful

Silver – 4 year old midi Shetland pony gelding (rescue)
Aloof dude but gentle and kind

Storm – 4 year old miniature Shetland pony gelding (rescue)
** sighs ** cheeky and funny

Tiddles – 4 year old miniature Shetland pony gelding (rescue)
A total sweetie

Albie – 2 year old miniature Shetland colt foal (orphan)
Gorgeous, a darling

Newt – 2 year old miniature Shetland colt foal (free-to-good-home on Facebook)
Tiny (25″ high), coming out of his shell

Other Shetlands

Vitamin – 24 year old standard Shetland pony mare (retirement)
Going slightly dotty in her middle age but still the boss.

Fivla – 22 year old midi Shetland pony mare (retirement)
Quiet and calm, an absolute darling

The Big Horses

Taktur – 9 year old Icelandic horse stallion (4 gaited)
The very definition of a gentleman.  Growing, developing and learning.

Hetja – 16 year old Iceland horse mare
Head of the whole herd.  She takes her job very seriously. Kind and dignified.

Brá – 17 year old Icelandic horse mare
Defers to Hetja, all relationships are based on trust.

Haakon – 24 year old Icelandic horse gelding
My boy. My horse forever.  Gentle, kind, exciting and totally trustworthy. A horse in a crisis.

iacs (aka Bimble) – 22 year old Icelandic horse gelding
Glass-half-full kind of chap.  An optimistic goldfish!

Klaengur – 15 year old Icelandic horse gelding
Speshul, so very speshul or, as my neighbour says, “he hears his own voices” but is much loved.

Kappi – 14 year old Icelandic horse gelding
“Where’s my food”.  He lives to eat.  Britain’s No 1 Elementary Tölt horse in 2015.

Hjalti – 3 year old Icelandic horse gelding
Happy go-lucky, wonderful trot, easy little chap

Efstur – 2 year old colt yearling
Fun, fun, fun.  Nothing but fun!

Lilja – 1 year old filly by Taktur out of Hetja
She is a Princess and her mother has told her she is speshul.

Dreki – 1 year old colt
Easy going, a nice chap.

Other Family

Lambie – 2 year old neutered Shetland sheep (fleckit)
My very speshul soldier.  We are imprinted and he is a Muzzah’s boy but a bit of a tit!

‘Ster, short for Lambster – 2 year old neutered Shetland sheep (katmoget)
Mostly full of confidence but can be needy.  Has separation anxiety.

‘Bert, short for Lambert – a neutered Shetland sheep (moorit)
A sensible boy who loves his carrots and his hugs.

Puzzah – a neutered ex-ram Shetland sheep (brown and white)
Lambie’s father.  Well-behaved, likes his shed and his home comforts.

Loki – 5 year old lurcher (Greyhound x Bedlington)
Settled, comfortable, obedient when suits, a real tryer!

BeAnne – 12 year old Patterdale terrier
Manipulative, hysterical, spoilt, loving and devoted (to me!) Smells funny.

So, there you are and now you know xx







18 thoughts on “The Cast

  1. Linda

    Thank you for this! A real “cast of characters” eh?

    Also love that photo on the right-hand side of you with your sheepy trio!

  2. Terri

    Thanks for the review of your lovely creatures — sometimes I get the equine youngsters mixed up (because you keep adding more, haha!). Just noticed the photo of you and the Boyzenberries at the upper right — GREAT PHOTO!

  3. Michelle

    I knew the cast but LOVE having them all listed and pictured in one place! Great idea, but even THINKING of doing this for my critters makes me tired…and I only have 17, not counting the chickens.

  4. Carina

    Thank you for this, I actually had them all but I wasn´t sure until now. The real challenge is that you are adding to the bunch a lot, like a lot. But I will try to keep up =) Did all the minion-rescues come from the same place at the same time? And also, can you please elaborate on the funny smell?

    1. Frances Post author

      Waffle, Storm and Silver were the original rescues (nearly starved to death).
      Tiddles was waiting for the vet to put him to sleep as he has a blue eye. A heinous crime up here.
      Albie’s mother was shot (broken pelvis) this spring
      and Newt was free-to-a-good-home on Facebook.

      They find me. I can’t say no. If they need me, here I am.

  5. Sam

    Thanks for the Cast list. Thank you for rescuing so many critters. Thank you for this wonderful blog.
    Love the new cover picture of Muzzah and her boys!

  6. Louise Stopford

    That post introducing everyone was so, so helpful. Now I know who you are talking about. You are so lucky having all these creatures and from what I have read, they are so, so lucky to have you caring for them. Kind regards.

  7. Tyche's Minder

    Fantastic. Now, who’s going to do the annotated version? You know, the one that spells out who’s related to whom; which horse belongs to which daughter; who lives in which field; who fell in the sinkhole (I still shudder to think of that) and other various misadventures; and a map. We need a map. 🙂 Could not enjoy your blog more.


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